Why can’t I FTP into my Rapidsite / Customer Street website?

Each of the Rapidsite / Customer Street websites we provide out customers are designed to be updated using the Rapidsite software which can be downloaded free of charge directly from our advertisers area on the UFindUs and Customer Street websites.

Normal FTP functions are disabled to avoid customers from inadvertently damaging the search engine rankings we will have achieved for them on their individual domain.

If you are confident with using FTP then please contact our Support Helpline and one of the support team will be able to re-set your permissions which will enable you to upload to your Rapidsite / Customer Street host space.  


Why have Keywords showing on your website

All Customer Street clients have to opportunity to have a rapidsite built for them free of charge. These basic but effective template sites are there to get your information circulated on the Internet as effectively as possible in order to increase traffic and therefore business opportunities.

You may notice on your rapidsite that your keywords are repeated at the top and bottom of your Customer Street website pages. This is done to ensure that your keywords appear enough times on your pages to help you get found on the search engines (especially Google)without the need for further repetition in the website content which can sometimes detract from the message you want to get across to your customers.

If you go onto the site to  edit the content yourself it is important that these keywords are not deleted as you will run the risk of not having enough keyword content to help you get found on the search engines.

Tracking visitors to your Customer Street website

You can see how people have been finding your Customer Street website by logging into your control panel and selecting the ‘customer street‘ link and then ‘view stats‘. If you then select the ‘advanced options‘ followed by ‘keywords‘ you will now be presented with a list of all the keywords typed in from any of the different search engines and Customer Street directories such as Smile Local, More UK and Ufindus.

Problems with people misspelling your email address?

If you are having problems with people misspelling the email address assigned to your Customer Street website then you may wish to set up what we call an ‘Alias‘ on your email account.

An email alias allows you to have a mailbox that will also accept email sent to variations of that email address. For example, your email address might be johnsmith@ but you could also have john@, jon@ or jsmith@. These are added as an email alias by going to the control panel, selecting email , then click on add alias. This is useful for names that can often be spelt wrong.

Alternatively you can set up a “catch all” that will automatically accept any mail sent to your email address, the disadvantage is that it will increase the chances significantly of receiving spam emails.

Remember that your the control panel login will work for any of the Custromer Street Brands including Smile Local, More UK, UFindUs and any of our Customer Street Trades portals such as Find Your Estate Agent

Adding phone numbers to your Website

You can easily add telephone numbers to your Customer Street or UfindUs website where ever you like using the website software. Once logged into the software simply click on the text boxes and type in the number you wish to show, if you wish to have it on the contact page just click on the existing tel number and add it next to that or delete the old number and add the new one if your details have changed completely.

It is a quick and simple task to carry out but feel free to contact us if you fel unsure and woudl like talking through the process.

Creating Email address in Outlook

When adding an email account into Outlook the most common mistake is when it asks you for the username, this is always the full email address of the account that you are setting up and not your name. Also always remember to authenticate the incoming and out going mail servers.